Hartman Resort

"Here you will find everything you need to enjoy as a tourist"

Boutique Apartment

Just Minutes away from St. George's University, High Quality Apartment with a Four- Star Hotel Standard.

Luxury Hotel

Including five-star branded Resort Hotel, natural beach lagoons, luxury entertainment centers.

Villa Resort

The overall planning configuration and the shape of the Wellness Villa building are flowers blooming on the water.


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Global Mobility

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Dual Citizenship is Permitted

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Environment, Ecology, Humanities

Modern wetland park in the Hartman Resort

For the third consecutive year, the Hartman Group brought Christmas cheer to care facilities in the south of the island.
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Hartman Resort is committed to becoming a local environmental protection ambassador for sustainable development. It has also hired well-known environmental experts in the Caribbean to guide the environmental protection work of the project, also established a non-profit Hartman Environmental Conservation Fund to maintain the environmental ecology of the Mt.Hartman area, ensuring that the development of the project is in harmony with the Grenada National Park and Wetland Park.


"Hartman Resort walk with you all the way"

Property Development - Property Development / Others

TITAN Property Awards - Property Development - Platinum Winner

Architecture -Conceptual

TTAN Property Awards - Architecture Conceptual- Platinum Winner

Architecture -Urban Design

TITAN Property Awards - Architecture Urban Design - Platinum Winner

MUSE Design Awards

- Platinum Winner


- Innovative Architecture Winner

Outstanding Property Award London

- Property Development/Sustainable - Winner

Architecture MasterPrize

- Urban Planning - Honorable Mention

DA Design Awards

- Sustainable living /Green - Honorable Mention

IDA Design Awards

- Hotels & Resorts - Honorahle Mention

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"The project is adjacent to Mt.Hartman National Park. The design is based on ecological priorities, taking into account measures to build symbiosis with the surrounding natural environment, through wetland management, mangrove conservation, restoration of quarry damage, and the protection and enhancement of existing dove habitat and marine resources.
The architectural design strategy takes full advantage of natural ventilation and natural lighting as a starting point to create its own micro-climate, Supplemented with solar photovoltaic curtain wall integration power generation technology, combined with ground source heat pump system, allows the project to achieve effective conversion between light, electricity, and geothermal energy, creating a true zero-carbon, energy saving urban living community,set the standard for sustainable development in Grenada as a best practice."
  • Mt.Hartman,St.George,Grenada