The Backyard of the Rich

Beautiful environment, pleasant weather;less affected by hurricane,good security, the best retirement place for UK, USA and Canada people.

Protected by the Common Law

member of Commonwealth, the process of getting Grenada citizenship by investment is legal and transparent,protected by the UK common law system.

Simple and Low tax rate

Grenada does not have the global tax, capital gain, inheritance tax etc, free investment environment,so it is one of the world’s open offshore investment center.

Recognized by the global

The CBI process is effective and transparent. The UK Financial Times considers it's the best one of the second citizenship & CBI program recognized by the global.

The convenience of travel

The Grenada passport holders can visit 144 countries (including: China and Russia) without a visa. It is the best second nationality option for the Europeans and Americans.

Four generations benefit

The Grenada allows the one application of Grenada citizenship join the parents, grandparents, and siblings, so four generations will be benefited from one application.

One of the Safest countries

The fast reaction for COVID-19 makes Grenada safer than most countries, rated as safe tourist destination by the US,and the famous medical school of SGU, becoming a safe haven.

From the US official praise

The US official highly praises the Grenada CBI program, improves the reputation and rank of Grenada passport, also more helpful for them to apply for E2 visa.

Benefits of US E2 Visa

Grenada is the US E2 visa treaty country, so the Grenada passport holders can apply for E2 visa to work in the US for opening a need quota,no need waiting period.